Château d'Hélécine 2 Rue Armand Dewolf 1357 Hélécine | 019/65.54.91

The Park

For an hour or a day, with the family, friends or work colleagues, for your private or professional events, Hélécine Châteaux offers you a range of activities for some unforgettable experiences.

Walk along the path that runs past the three fishing ponds. Explore the magnificent landscape that opens in front of you and the geese, ducks and swans that accompany you throughout your walk.

A little path takes us towards the goat pen. A little further on, the deer and their little ones are resting beneath the shelter of the trees. Not the slightest noise is to be heard….From time to time fishing rods dance to animate the backdrop.

At the end of the walk, the playground and landscaped mini-golf await you for a chance to unwind with the family. Right next-door, you can have a drink on the terrace of the Pop Up Bar.