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The Archaeology Museum

At Hélécine Château, the Walloon Brabant Educational Archaeology Museum (MIABW) is aimed at children. The open-air dig at the Magdelenian encampment of Orp-le-Grand (KUL) have unearthed signs of the daily lives of Cro-Magnon man. These signs are interpreted at the Prehistoric workshops Daily life of a reindeer hunter”, during which children will experience and explore History in an active way, through games and experimentation.

The “Nomadic hunter-gatherers and their tools” workshop tackles man’s evolution, enables young people to handle key historic tools (blades,  scrapers, chisels, drills, …), to light a fire with flint and marcasite and hunt mammoths or reindeer with the help of the catapult and the assegai.

The “Art drawn in the light of fat-burning lamps” workshop, teaches children to overcome their fear of the dark and invites them to form a prehistoric orchestra and to paint the walls of the” Folx-les-Caves Grottos” using ground mineral pigment.

Age-group: from 3rd year infant school to 6th year primary school (minimum 15 – maximum 60 children).
Price: €5 for a half-day of led activities and €9 for a full day.


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